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What is MoFE?

MoFE is a physical venue for original high-tech immersive experiences. Exploring mediums such as VR and 3D Spatialized Sound, MoFE creates intimate sensorial experiences that bend the mind and touch the human spirit.

Our goal is to show you something you’ve never seen before.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a spiritual technology. The medium enforces psychological presence, disrupts embodiment, and shifts perspective. This has a particular power to open our minds to new perspectives and broaden our notion of consciousness. MoFE designs its shows to amplify this potential. 

Shows feature curated Virtual Reality selected for its artistic excellence and mind-bending properties. The VR’s sound is integrated into MoFE’s custom Ambisonic Speaker System for a full-bodied sonic VR experience unlike anything else in the world. These works are paired with original spatialized 3D soundscapes to create collective introspective experiences.

MoFE uses the Valve Index Headset and custom-built tech to support its shows.

3D Spatial Sound

Sound is sacred. It is the medium of music, the human voice and the symphony of vibrations that illustrate our world. 

MoFE creates spellbinding aural experiences through its state of the art Ambisonics speaker system. It is the only venue in the world that integrates this speaker system with Virtual Reality.

The Ambisonics system creates a 360-degree sphere of sound. Music, voices and sound effects soar around the listener in three spatial dimensions: left-right, up-down, and near-far.

Custom built by legendary Brooklyn fabricator Jim Toth of Jupiter Sound, MoFE’s ambisonics sound system is a one-of-a-kind full-bodied immersive listening experience in New York City.

MoFE works with international musicians, artists and sound producers to create original 3D Spatial Scores and Soundscapes.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our guests and staff are our top priorities.  We take great care to maintain a clean and safe environment, so all you have to worry about is getting your mind melted by the show.

MoFE Hygiene Protocols
- MoFE adheres to the latest health and safety guidelines outlined by the CDC and our local governments.
- All MoFE staff are fully vaccinated.
- Each headset is thoroughly sanitized using isopropyl alcohol and a UV-light Cleanbox between each show.

Visitor Guidelines
- Face coverings are optional for all guests.
- There is no eating or drinking at MoFE.
- Be advised, MoFE shows employ the use of loud noises and strobing lights.
- Please stay home if you are feeling sick.

Past Productions



A collection of six hypnotic immersive experiences in VR and 3D Sound that explore the chaos, uncertainty and beauty of liminal states.

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Underworld Radio, Vol. 1

Underworld Radio, Vol. 1

A 60 minute high-octane theatrical audio experience in NYC’s only dedicated Spatialized Audio Theater.

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A high-tech meditative odyssey in VR and spatial 3D sound contemplating the question: Who am I?

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