The Answers You Need

Is MoFE a Museum?

This is not a museum in the traditional sense. We proudly showcase new Virtual Reality and Ambisonics works, but first and foremost we are a place for seated, timed immersive shows.

Is MoFE a VR Arcade?

No. There are no games at MoFE. MoFE is a single-ticket immersive show.

Are MoFE shows immersive theater?

We use theatrical elements but we are not a traditional immersive theater show. MoFE shows are timed and seated. They are not free-roaming experiences.

Wait... I thought VR was just shooter games and bad graphics?

Not true. Virtual reality is still a relatively new and uncharted medium. Artists from across the world have been experimenting with and exploring new ways to connect and tell emotional narratives. We’re excited to share some of those works with you through MoFE.

How can I buy tickets?

All tickets must be be purchased online.

When should I arrive?

Arrive 15 minutes before your assigned showtime. Shows will begin promptly at their assigned start time. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate late arrivals. If you miss your time slot, your ticket is no longer valid.

What if I am late or miss my allotted timeslot?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate late arrivals. Due to the limited number of timed tickets we sell, tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Can I refund my ticket?

Tickets are nonrefundable and we can’t guarantee exchanges.

What age is MoFE good for?

MoFE is recommended for ages 16+. MoFE's shows are created for an adult audience and may include content not suitable for children. Any guest under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Is this a group activity?

MoFE shows include portions that are communal and portions that are personal. It is suitable for both groups and individuals.

Do I need to print my ticket?

Nope. Tickets are online and mobile only.

Do you have a bathroom?

We advise using the restroom before arriving. But we do have one bathroom available on-site.

Is there parking?

Limited city street parking is available. We recommend using public transportation.

Is MoFE wheelchair accessible?


Do you have a coat check?

No, we do not have a coat check.

Is photography or videography allowed?

We allow photography in our lobby. But there is no phone use, camera use or any type of recording allowed during the show.

Can I wear glasses in the VR headset?


Will the VR headset mess up my hair?

It's possible. The headset is similar to wearing a hat or helmet. It goes over your head and includes a strap that runs down the middle, which can interfere with top buns, high ponytails, knots, updos, or similar. While the headset can be adjusted to accommodate all hairstyles and hair types, we want to give a heads up on what to expect.

How do you keep MoFE safe and clean?

We maintain a limited number of ticket sales. We thoroughly disinfect headsets in between uses. We follow all CDC and local government guidelines.