Is MoFE a Museum?

MoFE is not a museum in the traditional sense. We present new works of Virtual Reality and Ambisonics in an experiential format that are more akin to attending an immersive theatrical production or concert than visiting a museum. 

Is MoFE a VR Arcade?

No. While we incorporate some gaming mechanics into our productions, we primarily present artistic and narrative VR experiences. 

Is MoFE immersive theater?

We use theatrical elements but we are not a traditional immersive theater show. We are a new kind of production that incorporates elements from a variety of modalities to show you something you’ve never experienced before. 

Wait... I thought VR was just shooter games and bad graphics?

Not true. Virtual reality is still a relatively new and uncharted medium. Artists from across the world have been experimenting with and exploring new ways to connect and tell emotional narratives. We’re excited to share some of those works with you through MoFE.

How can I experience a MoFE Production?

For updated information on new shows join our mailing list. (The signup is below in the footer).

What age is MoFE good for?

MoFE is recommended for ages 16+. MoFE's shows are created for an adult audience and may include content not suitable for children. Any guest under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.