You’ve been asking yourself this question your entire life. It emerges in quiet moments of solitude, times of critical decisions and spring strolls in the park. It’s a universal and timeless mystery. Who Am I?

MoFE’s Gnosis invites you to take an hour for yourself to contemplate this age-old question under the influence of contemporary immersive artworks. Employing the hypnotic potential of VR and Spatial 3D Sound, the show explores the inner landscape of the mind to reveal clues about your true nature. 

Gnosis, meaning spiritual knowledge or awareness, is a seated high tech audiovisual experience. This program consists of a 3D spatial soundscape experienced with eyes closed and a VR segment experienced with eyes opened. Runtime is 60 minutes.  

Inner Knowing - Growth - Interconnection

Reflective - Uplifting - Breathtaking

Forest of the Mind
3D Sound Composition
Featuring excerpts of “Conversation with Myself” by Alan Watts

Strands of Mind
Virtual Reality Experience
By Adrian Meyer

The show features flashing lights, strobing and VR pieces that may affect those who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or have other photosensitivities. 

Gnosis is a visceral sonic experience that employs loud noises.

Please arrive 10 minutes before showtime. Shows begin promptly at the start time and all sales are final. There is no late admittance.

Gnosis is suggested for guests 13 years or older. Anyone under the age of 18 must  be accompanied by an adult. 


Gnosis is a high tech meditative odyssey in Virtual Reality and Spatialized 3D Sound contemplating the question: Who am I?