Underworld Radio, Vol. 1

Eden, Florida is the kind of place you’d drive by and never give it a second thought. But strange things happened there. Some say this was on account of the swamp. You see, Eden happens to be situated on the edge of the Everglades. Many have tried to tame that land, but no one’s ever succeeded. Those who understand the swamp know that it can never be fully understood. Its intoxicating influence attracts strange people and infects the minds of all those around it...

Take a little trip down south and experience it for yourself.

Stories unfold using the magic of spatialized 3D sound design to create hyper-realistic environments that will electrify your imagination. The snap of a gator’s jaw just being your left foot. A violent storm brewing in the distance. A murderous monster on the loose.

This hair-raising, high-octane trip to Eden, Florida is filled with sounds and stories that will make you squirm, squeal and grateful you don’t live in the garden of paradise.  

Underworld Radio, Vol. 1 is a 60 minute high-octane theatrical audio experience in NYC’s only dedicated Spatialized Audio Theater. Runtime is 60 minutes

Note: this show does not contain any VR components. 

The show features strobe lighting and flashing lights that may affect those who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or have other photosensitivities.

Underworld Radio, Vol. 1 is a visceral sonic experience that includes sudden loud noises and simulated violence. This show contains adult language and content related to death, violence, and gore.

Please arrive 15 minutes before showtime. Shows begin promptly at the start time and all sales are final. There is no late admittance.

Underworld Radio, Vol. 1

Underworld Radio is a 60-minute high-octane audio experience in near complete darkness. Using the magic of MoFE’s spatialized 3D sound design and your twisted imagination, Underworld Radio transports you to a sleepy southern swamp town to uncover its sinister secrets.