ABOVE/BELOW is an audio-visual installation by artist Oscar Zabala exploring the use of technology to tap into the subconscious.


The installation consists of a 7-foot LED display cube surrounded by Ambisonic 3D spatial sound. The experience takes viewers through an audio-visual symphony of hypnotic and meditative sequences that echo patterns in psychedelic and non-ordinary states of consciousness. 

The main room of the installation is an audio-visual experience displayed on a four panel LED display cube.  The installation uses Ambisonics to create a spatialized 3D aural experience. The LED panels display a hypnotic abstract film taking viewers through a sonic-visual journey from “above” to “below” and back.

The gallery exhibit portion of the installation is a collection of ten of the artist's works on display. 

The ‘Above’ series is a synthesis of CGI and analog mediums. All originally based off of film photographs of skies taken by the artist during the global lockdown in 2020 and a sabbatical in the desert during 2021. Locations of skies include New York, NY / Tucson, AZ / Toas, NM.

The ‘Below’ series is a collection of A.I. Generated images created via ‘generative models’ trained off of photographs and films taken by the artist. The majority of which he captured at underground raves from the years 2014-2019.


ABOVE/BELOW is produced by Good Company (www.goodco.tv) , known for creating groundbreaking immersive experiences for concerts, films, and exhibitions for the likes of Kanye West, Beyonce, Ez Devlin, and Adele.

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