What is MoFE?

MoFE is a physical venue and production studio for high-tech immersive experiences. Exploring mediums such as VR and Spatialized Sound, MoFE creates intimate sensorial experiences that bend the mind and touch the human spirit. 

Our goal is to show you something you’ve never seen before. 

Virtual Reality

We believe the phantasmagorical nature of Virtual Reality has a particular power to open our minds to new perspectives and broaden our notion of consciousness. This is why we curate exceptional works of Virtual Reality from across the globe and integrate them into our shows. We seek out Virtual Reality works that play with perception, explore new ideas, and expand our imaginations. We pair these works with original spatialized 3D soundscapes.

Spatialized 3D Sound

MoFE creates spellbinding aural experiences through its state of the art Ambisonics speaker system. The Ambisonics system creates a 360-degree sphere of sound. Music, voices and sound effects soar around the listener in three spatial dimensions: left-right, up-down, and near-far. Think of it this way: stereo is a flat page, surround sound is a pop-up book, and Ambisonics is the real world.

It is one-of-a-kind immersive sound experience and the only dedicated space for Ambisonics in New York City.


"An experience that combines the immediacy of theater, the visual dialect of film and the technological rush of gaming. It all adds up to a strikingly immersive feat of world-building."

"A technical masterpiece."

"From the initial waiting room to the main performance space, the set, sound and lighting design are all truly exceptional, helping to transform the space into a stunning 360 degree experience.”

"Wish I could return again and again."

"As I walked back out into the bright, muggy New York evening, I felt equal parts amused, excited and unsettled, and I knew this wasn’t like any other VR I’d seen."

MoFE doesn’t offer your regular museum experience of staring at art pieces and taking selfies, instead, visitors wear a virtual-reality-inducing headset and prepare to have their minds blown.